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Leg Injury Dipti Physio

Post-Op Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

"Guiding your journey from surgery to strength, our Post-Op Rehabilitation Physiotherapy empowers your recovery, one step at a time."

A Bit about Post-Op Rehabilitation Physiotherapy

Post-Op Rehabilitation Physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy that focuses on guiding and assisting individuals in their recovery after undergoing surgical procedures. This type of physiotherapy aims to optimize the healing process, restore physical function, and improve overall mobility and strength following surgery. The physiotherapist works closely with the patient, considering the specific surgical procedure, individual medical history, and current physical condition, to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan. This plan may include targeted exercises, manual therapies, pain management techniques, and education to ensure a safe and effective recovery, minimize complications, and help the patient regain their optimal functional level.

Knee Joint Examination Dipti Physio

How can I treat you

I provide top-notch post-op rehab physiotherapy for clients in Mumbai and Maharashtra, aiding recovery after various surgeries such as:

  • Shoulder Pain – shoulder reconstruction, shoulder stabilisation, rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs, acromioplasty, manipulation, capsulotomy

  • Elbow Pain – tennis elbow release, golfers elbow release

  • Wrist & Hand Pain – carpal tunnel release, tendon repairs

  • Hip Pain – hip replacements, hip resurfacing, labral repairs

  • Knee Pain – knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, meniscus repairs, lateral release, patella tendon transfer

  • Lower Leg Pain – achilles tendon repairs, fasciotomy

  • Ankle & Foot Pain – ankle reconstruction, ligament repairs, arthroscopy, spur removal, bunionectomy

  • Spine (Neck & Back) Pain – discectomy, micro-discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion/stabilisation

Comprehensive Post-Operative Rehabilitation: Restoring Mobility and Strength After Surgery

Many surgical procedures are conducted using arthroscopy (keyhole surgery). In cases of joint surface damage, a chondroplasty (debridement) is often performed to stabilize and smoothen the affected area. Fractures with significant displacement or instability require pin-and-plate surgery for stabilization.

After surgery, joints can become stiff, muscles may atrophy due to pain and disuse, and swelling can occur. Early gentle treatment is crucial to mitigate these secondary complications. Treatment plans are developed based on your surgeon's guidelines to facilitate a full return to function. Our well-equipped onsite gym is ideal for post-operative rehabilitation, aiding in regaining optimal strength for work and leisure activities. Use of the gym is complimentary during consultations.

Spinal surgery often involves removing parts of discs and/or bones to alleviate pressure on trapped nerves (discectomy, laminectomy). After such surgery, deep core muscles in the pelvis (abdominals, back, pelvic floor) and neck (deep neck flexors) are inhibited due to pain and weakened. Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of physiotherapy with real-time ultrasound and dynamic core stability exercises in restoring motor control, alleviating pain, and preventing future issues.

I implement a unique 'phase-based rehab system' that breaks down your post-op rehab into understandable phases like inflammation control, movement restoration, basic strengthening, and activity-specific advanced strengthening. This approach keeps you well-informed about your current and upcoming injury rehabilitation goals. It also enables you to work on your recovery between sessions with a customized exercise regimen.

I maintain regular communication with your surgeon and GP, providing progress reports for your review appointments with them. Post-op rehabilitation is a collaborative endeavor, and I work closely with you, your surgeon, and GP to ensure a safe and effective recovery.

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